Like an argosy – a fleet of ships – our strength lies in the sum of our parts. Diversification is at the heart of our portfolio.

As one of New Zealand’s largest commercial landlords, we own, develop and manage a portfolio of quality industrial, office and large format retail properties worth over $2.2 billion. The diversity of our properties is at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to find unique growth opportunities, manage risks and to keep up with the changing needs of our tenants.

For us the goal has always been much more than just achieving financial returns. We believe in laying the foundations for a better future that all our stakeholders can enjoy. To achieve this, we’re equally focused on three key outcomes: 

Creating vibrant commercial spaces and strong tenant relationships 

We know that our buildings are more than just spaces. They are productive environments that enable our tenants to grow and succeed, building a brighter future for themselves and their people. We work in partnership with tenants to deliver the facilities they need to prosper today and for tomorrow. The breadth of our portfolio allows us to keep offering new and extended spaces to keep meeting their evolving needs.

Making a positive impact on our communities and the environment

For us, and our tenants, a better commercial future means a more sustainable future. We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet by leading the market in converting existing properties into green energy-efficient buildings. With 14 Green rated buildings in our portfolio, we are well on the way to having at least 50% of our buildings Green rated by 2030. 

Our vision of a better future also sees the communities we live in thriving. And that’s why we foster long-term community partnerships with organisations who, like us, work hard to ensure a better future for more New Zealanders.

Delivering value for our investors

We pride ourselves on the valued relationships we have with our investors. We provide them with diversified exposure to New Zealand’s growing property sectors and the reliably steady returns they need to feel their investment is in safe hands. 

At Argosy, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of integrity and transparency, while never compromising our ethics and values. After all, that’s why all our stakeholders choose to build a better future with us.

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