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May 16, 2023 Argosy Reporting against NZX Code

This statement supplements the Annual Report dated 16 May 2023, and discloses the extent to which Argosy has followed the Recommendations of the NZX Corporate Governance Code durin…

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April 5, 2023 Code of Conduct and Ethics

Argosy is committed to achieving outstanding performance and results within the listed property sector to provide value to our shareholders, while considering the interests of work…

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February 16, 2023 External Auditors Policy

The objective of this policy is to ensure that external audit independence is maintained.

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February 16, 2023 Board Charter

The role of the board is to act in the best interests of the company thereby effectively representing, and promoting the interests of, shareholders with a view to adding long-term …

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July 17, 2022 Audit and Risk Committee

The objective of the committee is to assist the Board by overseeing the financial, accounting and risk management responsibilities of the Company.

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March 25, 2022 Diversity Policy

Argosy is committed to achieving a diverse workforce and inclusive workforce practices in order to harness the business benefits of diversity.

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May 11, 2021 Sustainability Policy

We recognise that sustainability is essential to the continuing success of our business and is of growing importance to our stakeholders.

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April 30, 2021 ESG Committee Constitution

The ESG Committee of Argosy Property Limited (Company) shall be a committee of the Board established by the Board.

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December 28, 2020 Environmental Policy

Our environmental strategy reflects our ambition to create vibrant sustainable workplaces for our tenants.

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August 20, 2019 Constitution

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June 18, 2019 Shareholder Communications Policy

This policy seeks to ensure that all investors and analysts are treated equally and have access to the same set of information.

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May 22, 2019 Continuous Disclosure Policy

This policy describes how Argosy will comply with its continuous disclosure obligations.

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February 18, 2019 Insider Trading and Restricted Persons

Argosy acknowledges the importance for it and its staff to be cognisant of the potential ramifications of such trading, and to comply with all applicable legal obligations.

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April 25, 2018 Remuneration Committee

The objective of the remuneration committee is to assist the Board in reviewing the remuneration and compensation of senior employees of the Company.

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September 7, 2017 Risk Management

Argosy recognises that it is exposed to risks, and commits to effectively manage risks affecting its business, employees, tenants, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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September 7, 2017 Conflicts of Interest

Argosy acknowledges the importance of conducting its business honestly and with integrity, and for it and its staff to be cognisant of the potential ramifications of actual and pot…

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